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The National Map Corps - Newsletters

July 2018 (PDF 2.6 MB)

  • Courthouse Recognition Program
  • TNMCorps Team Q&A: What’s Your Favorite Structure to Edit?
  • Introducing the TNMCorps Structure Finder
  • American Architecture
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 6: Ambulance Services
  • Reminder: Reach Out!
  • TNMCorps Puzzle
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • ​​Recognition

May 2018 (PDF 3.3 MB)

  • Courthouse Pilot Project Update: Yellow Courthouses?
  • Taking a Bite out of History: Hinsdale County Courthouse
  • CartoPlaytime: Making Maps with our Data
  • Volunteer Spotlight: Cgibson
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 5: Hospitals
  • Newest Top Recognition Member: geo163
  • TNMCorps Puzzle
  • ​​Recognition

March 2018 (PDF 2.5 MB)

  • Edited Points without an Edit History
  • Behind the Scenes: Feedback Emails
  • User Guide Issues with Google Chrome
  • ​​Mapping Challenges
  • The Longest Place Name in the U.S.
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 4: Prisons / Correctional Facilities
  • TNMCorps Maze
  • ​​Recognition

January 2018 (PDF 2.3 MB)

  • 2017: Year in Review
  • Fending off the Winter Blues
  • Courthouse Pilot Project
  • ​​Making the Call
  • Resources Review
  • More than a Dot on the Map: Ouray County Courthouse
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 3: Fire Stations/EMS
  • Blast from the Past: Earth Science Corps
  • TNMCorps Cryptogram
  • ​​Recognition

November 2017 (PDF 2.5 MB)

  • Order in the Court!
  • New Updates to the Editor!
  • New Interactive Challenge Map
  • ​​Illinois Schools Mapping Challenge Extended
  • How to Spot an Authoritative Source
  • Aerial Photo Interpretation Part 2: Post Offices
  • TNMCorps Word Scramble
  • ​​Recognition

September 2017 (PDF 1.8 MB)

  • TNMCorps Map Editor Anniversary!
  • Volunteer Spotlight: A Tale of Two Kents
  • Collaboration in a Disaster
  • ​​More Tips and Tricks
  • Aerial Imagery Interpretation Part 1: Cemeteries
  • New Mapping Challenge!
  • TNMCorps Word Search: Total Eclipse
  • ​​Recognition

July 2017 (PDF 1.7 MB)

  • ​​Summer Vacation!
  • Volunteer Spotlight: meyerkv
  • Tips and Tricks for Editing in Puerto Rico
  • ​​Tips and Tricks for Editing in Alaska
  • TNMCorps Cryptogram
  • Past Puzzle Keys
  • ​​Recognition

May 2017

  • ​​Citizen Science Day!
  • ​​Setting up a Display Name
  • Technical Community Colleges vs. Trade Schools
  • ​​Proper Formatting
  • Preschool Update
  • Amish Schools
  • ​​Finding Unedited Points (They’re There!)
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • TNMCorps Crossword
  • Recognition

March 2017

  • ​​A Brief History of the Cartograsaurus
  • ​​Tricky Points and Deep Research
  • ​Displaying One Structure Type
  • ​​Moving vs. Deleting Points
  • Finding Unedited Data
  • Editing Quick Tips and Reminders
  • ​​Linking Old and New Accounts
  • TNMCorps Word Search
  • ​Recognition

January 2017

  • ​​Happy New Year!
  • ​​Database Sync Updated
  • ​Back to Basics
  • ​​Post Offices
  • ​​Sheriff’s Offices
  • ​​Addressing the Issue
  • ​​Comment Field
  • ​​​Conclusion of International Map Year Patch Contest
  • ​Recognition Program Back Online
  • ​Volunteer Spotlight
  • ​Recognition

November 2016

  • ​Thanksgiving Greetings
  • ​Coming Soon to an Editor Near You!
  • ​New Comment Field
  • ​Improved Edit History
  • ​Editor Role Spotlight: Peer Reviewer
  • ​Patch Winner Profiles
  • ​TNMCorps Team Corner
  • ​​Have a story or photo you’d like to share?
  • Name that App!
  • ​Recognition

September 2016

  • Welcome Back!
  • Data Super Highway
  • Tips and Tricks
  • Deadline for Patch Challenge Extended
  • The Q&A Community
  • What's in a Name??
  • Have a Story or Photo to Share?
  • Name that App!

June 2016

  • Exciting News! Introducing Our New Editor!
  • Summer Vacation...For YOU, not Us
  • What Steps Do I Need to Take?
  • KentRobert Takes Flight with the Squadron of Biplane Spectators
  • Mapping Challenge Updates - PA is Complete!
  • Edit Points - Get the Patch
  • Share Your Stories
  • Words from the Wise - Mole Trapper
  • Stay Tuned...
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

April 2016

  • We did it! 200K Volunteer Contributions!
  • The Peer Review Role: Uses, Benefits, and Purpose
  • Fun Fact: Cemeteries (or lack thereof) in San Francisco
  • "Why I Do What I Do," by queenofthedead
  • The National Map Corps Explorer
  • Edit Points - Get the Patch!!
  • We Want YOU (to take the Mapping Challenge)!
  • Recent inductee to the Squadron of Biplane Spectators, HGeisler!
  • Have a story or photo you'd like to share?
  • Goodbye and Thank You to a Few Wonderful Student Contractors
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

February 2016

  • Let's Go All the Way to 200K!
  • The Advanced Editor Role
  • Federal Courthouses - Pilot Study
  • What Do I Do with Stacked Cemetery Points
  • Step by Step Editing Tips: Post Offices
  • Help Us with the Latest Mapping Challenge
  • Importance of Good Addressing
  • Have a Story or Photo You'd Like to Share?
  • International Year of the Map - Get the Patch!
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

December 2015

  • Volunteering for The National Map Corps: A Glimpse at Citizen Science
  • Mapping Challenge Results
  • Have You Been Mentioned on Social Media?
  • Collect Points - Get the Patch
  • The Importance of Data Quality in The National Map Corps Project
  • Step by Step Editing Tips: Schools
  • A Note from Volunteer Cartograsaurus, the "Rod Man."
  • Have a Story or Photo You'd Like to Share?
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

October 2015

  • Just a Reminder: What do the colors around the points mean?
  • The Great Central U.S. Shakeout Mapping Challenge!
  • VA Law Enforcement Facilities Mapping Challenge FINISHED!
  • A Letter From the Past, By Kent W.
  • Stories from the "field," by Kim
  • Have a Story of Photo You'd Like to Share?
  • USGS Historical Topographic Maps
  • Congratulations to Volunteer rjerrard!
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

August 2015

  • New Volunteer Contribution Maps!
  • A Reminder about Jails
  • NEW Mapping Challenge in Virginia
  • NC Law Enforcement Mapping Challenge Completed
  • Volunteer Highlight Story about Yellowstone National Park
  • Call for Volunteer Photos and Stories!
  • Update on Contract, Community, and Village Post Offices
  • Volunteer visits USGS in Denver
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

June 2015

  • New Post Office Points in Colorado
  • Introducing TNMCorps Q&A!
  • Updating Email Notification Settings on Q&A
  • Clarification on Prison/Correctional Facilities VS Jails
  • Making Phone Calls to Verify Structures
  • Volunteer Hours Count Toward GISP Certificate
  • Texas Cemeteries
  • Post Office Naming Changes
  • Help Us Finish the Latest Mapping Challenge
  • Call for Volunteer Photos and Stories!
  • TNMCorps Team Corner
  • New Recognition Category Members

March 2015

  • Get Recognized on USGS Social Media!
  • Call for Volunteer Photos and Stories
  • The Next Big One, By Volunteer Roger Davis (AKA Cartograsaurus)
  • Help Us Update Puerto Rico Structures
  • The National Map Corps Explorer
  • ALERT!! Be on the Lookout for Duplicate Law Enforcement Points

January 2015

  • 100K points contributed!
  • New Mapping Challenge. Find out how to help us complete it and get recognized on The National Map Twitter!
  • Post Offices temporarily unavailable for editing.
  • Cool TNMCorps web application developed by a fellow volunteer.
  • Information on Editing Schools.
  • USGS Facebook recognition for TNMCorps volunteer fconley

December 2014

  • We are almost at 100K points! Help us get there by the end of the year!
  • The most recent mapping challenge is close to finished. Find out how to help us complete it and get recognize on The National Map Twitter!
  • Preschool and Kindergarten points should no longer be deleted.
  • Information on the "Save" comment box.
  • Fun with Fire Stations - some helpful information about editing Fire Stations.
  • Tips and Tricks - a few items that might help with the editing process.

October 2014

  • NEW BADGES!! Yes, they are finally here. The new recognition badges will be a featured story on the main USGS
  • Page ( tomorrow!
  • Cemetery Blues-a little help in researching and editing cemeteries
  • New Map Challenge! Looking for Law Enforcement points in Tennessee.
  • Tips and Tricks - a few items that might help with the editing process

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